What To Pack For a Late Autumn Getaway
What To Pack For a Late Autumn Getaway

An autumnal getaway has many benefits, from the stunning colors of nature landscapes to the low prices and the relaxation that we all need this time of year. But with all these benefits comes the struggle of finding the right clothes to pack in order to stay warm, but still be able to have stylish outfits for your holiday pictures. We all know it’s harder to pack for cold weather, so in this article we will present to you four pieces that you need to pack for a cozy getaway. These items are also perfect for wearing while traveling to and from your destination, so you don’t even have to worry about fitting them into your suitcase.

Cozy Scarf

The first item that will save you from the cold weather of late autumn is a cozy scarf. An oversized scarf will keep you super warm while also doubling as a blanket when you’re traveling. This scarf could be a neutral one so you make sure it goes well with anything else you pack, or you can take a super colorful one to add that pop of color into your instagram pictures from this holiday. We guarantee that this item will be your cozy friend for this getaway and throughout the whole winter season. Check out all the ways in which you can style an oversized scarf on Pinterest.


What could be better than a versatile item that can be worn on its own or incorporated into a layered and warm outfit? Right, nothing. A cardigan will be the piece that saves you in any late autumnal activity, because the weather is usually unpredictable, so if it gets too cold, you add a coat over your cardigan and you’re good to go. For some options, check out https://www.keilys.com/irish-cardigans.html and choose a cropped cardigan if you pair it with a dress, or a long and extra cozy one if you need that extra warmth.

Sweater Dress

This item is a favorite when it comes to staying cozy and stylish. A sweater dress is the comfiest way to stay stylish during the cold season. Whether you choose a bodycon dress, a turtle neck or just an oversized hoodie, this dress will not disappoint you. Pair it with a pair of warm tights, some boots and your coat and you are ready to rock your getaway. And because this item is super comfortable, you can easily wear it while traveling as well.


The last item is something that shouldn’t be missing from any winter wardrobe. A pair of warm tights will allow you to layer and stay cozy in any outfit that you choose to wear. You can pair them with the sweater dress we suggested before, or under any pair of jeans and they will provide extra warmth. Ideally you should have a pair of skin colored tights and a pair of black ones so that you make sure you can style them in many different ways.

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