Tourism – the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is quite heavy, especially on the Indonesian tourism industry. This condition then requires the Indonesian tourism industry players to continue to carry out various kinds of innovations, in order to survive and rise in the midst of a pandemic like today.

Currently, the trend of Indonesian tourism has also begun to shift. Previously, we could freely vacation to various tourist destinations at home and abroad, and the pandemic has changed tourism trends. Today many people want a safe vacation without meeting a lot of people.

This shift in tourism and vacation trends actually makes sense, the goal is clearly to minimize the risk of the spread of COVID-19. One solution for a safe vacation with family in the current pandemic era is a private picnic.

What is a Private Picnic?

A private picnic is an exclusive picnic holiday activity that prioritizes security and intimacy. In Indonesia, there are many places that deserve to be used as private picnics. Preparing food from home means it will be cleaner and safer than having to buy at a restaurant.

1. Picnic in the Meadow

A picnic is synonymous with sitting on broad green grass while enjoying the lunch that was brought. Therefore, a private picnic in the meadow is a mandatory thing to do with the family.

Spacious meadows with open and cool air make for a comfortable private picnic mix. In fact, it is not uncommon for a picnic area in the meadow to be surrounded by mountain views or a vast expanse of green hills.

Interestingly, the meadow is a child-friendly private picnic area. There are many things that children can do here, such as playing ball, taking pictures, or even cycling. In Indonesia, there are various beautiful wide meadows that are suitable for private picnic destinations with family. For example in Bali, Kaliurang (Yogyakarta), or Bandung.

2, Picnic in the mountains

The hot air these past few days has made us stifling, want to find a cool vacation spot? Vacations and private picnics with family in mountainous areas are the right choices.

As we know, Indonesia has picnic areas in mountainous areas with cool, clean air, and of course endless beautiful scenery. For example, in the Bandung area.

Having cool air, of course, “escape” and a private picnic in Bandung can be the right choice. What’s more, many private picnic spots have child-friendly facilities, such as playgrounds, horse riding, or even enjoying the facilities of picking vegetables and fruit while enjoying beautiful mountain paintings.

3. Picnic on the beach

Who says picnics are only suitable for grasslands and mountainous areas? We can also use the beach as a private picnic destination for family vacations.

Soft beach sand, mats, and large umbrellas create unforgettable family picnic moments. Not only sunbathing while enjoying lunch brought from home but on the beach, children can also do many activities, such as making castles out of the sand to playing with water on the beach.

In addition, tourists can also try snorkeling and do various rides offered on the beach. Some private picnic destinations on the beach that you can try are Bali, Yogyakarta, to Lombok.

Those are some private picnic places that family can visit. Happy picnic!

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