Towards the new year, usually many plans for year-end holidays. Everything is well prepared, starting from taking leave, booking transportation tickets, ordering hotel rooms, determining tourist locations, and more. But there is one more important thing that must also be prepared for year-end holidays, namely body health.
Before the Holidays
Towards the end of the year, the workload usually piles up. Even though the planned vacation schedule is getting closer. In this condition, you have to be smart in maintaining your body health.

  1. Eat on Time
    In order to catch up on finishing work before vacation leave, sometimes it even makes you forget the time including meal times which sometimes become late. Try to keep time to eat to avoid rising stomach acid which can cause stomach pain.
  2. Maintain the pattern and portion of food
    It is also important to keep your diet. Pay attention to the balance of nutritional intake. Eat healthy foods that contain complex carbohydrates, protein, good fats, vitamins, minerals, lots of fiber, and more. Besides that, also pay attention to the portion of your meal, don’t overeat because it can also interfere with your body’s health.
  3. Avoid Unhealthy Foods and Drinks
    In order to fulfill our appetite, sometimes we are a little indifferent to the food we eat. Various foods and drinks that are trending and appetizing, are consumed at will. Starting from foods containing micin or MSG to contemporary boba or coffee drinks that contain high levels of sugar and caffeine. Try to reduce or avoid various foods and drinks. This is to maintain a healthy body ahead of the planned year-end vacation schedule.
  4. Get Enough Rest
    Even though there is a lot of workloads that must be completed before the end of the year holidays, that does not mean it makes breaks less. You have to be smart in managing your time so that you have enough rest so that your body condition is also maintained and remains fit towards the end of the year holidays. Try to get to the recommended number of hours of sleep, which is around 7–8 hours.
  5. Keep Exercising
    Another way to stay in shape apart from getting enough sleep is to keep exercising diligently. But you should just do light exercise to just keep your body in shape. Avoid strenuous exercise that can actually be at risk of injury that can disrupt year-end holiday schedules.
  6. Preparation in advance
    When approaching the D-day of the holidays, it should only be waiting for departure. Don’t be bothered to prepare your luggage. For that, you should prepare your luggage in advance. So that when approaching the holidays, we are not in a hurry and do not make the body tired.
    During the holidays
    When the vacation time arrives, you will definitely be very happy, finally, you can take a vacation as planned. But don’t forget to keep your body healthy so that holiday activities are not disturbed.
  7. Do not be casual
    Visiting culinary places is one of the activities carried out on vacation. Curiosity about the special food menu at tourist sites, sometimes makes us eat these types of food and drinks. Even to forget whether these foods and drinks can interfere with health if there is a history of certain diseases.
  8. Consumption of Vitamins or Supplements
    With busy holiday activities, it can make the body tired. It’s good to take vitamins or supplements to keep your physical condition so you don’t get sick. It is also important to maintain the body’s resistance to environmental and weather conditions at tourist sites.
  9. Anticipate Weather Conditions
    The important thing that should not be missed when you want to go on vacation is the weather conditions at the destination. Try as much as possible to anticipate weather conditions while on vacation. Wear the right outfit and prepare equipment according to the current weather conditions.

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