Makassar: 4 Exotic Small Islands in South Sulawesi
Makassar: 4 Exotic Small Islands in South Sulawesi

Makassar – There is a certain satisfaction in being able to visit a place that is rarely touched by others, one of which is the island of Sulawesi. Not only big cities, but exploring small villages on the outskirts is also an amazing experience. Especially when he managed to conquer the following island in Makassar. To know more about the business you can visit this site treadmillsandellipticalmachines

Lae-lae Island

Lae-lae is one of the islands in Makassar that is a pity to miss. Losari Beach can be a recommendation for Friend Travelers who want to enjoy the beauty of the ocean in Makassar. However, if you want a quieter place, Lae-lae Island can be an option. This tourist destination, located in Ujung Pandang, has an extraordinary natural panorama. The stretch of white sand is clean, in harmony with the bluish color of the seawater. In addition to sunbathing, exploring the underwater world can also be done on this exotic island. To reach Lae-lae Island, it only takes a few minutes by boat from Bangkoa Wooden Pier.

Kodingareng Keke Island

The next beautiful island is at Ujung Tanah which can be reached in 30 minutes. If you want to go faster, you can rent a boat or motorboat from Bangkoa Wood Pier at a higher rate. This one hectare destination has clean white sand. While the natural beauty under the sea is also amazing. The marine life is diverse and makes anyone feel at home for a long time snorkeling in this area. The view of coral fragments in several corners also makes this uninhabited island even more special. To be able to enjoy the natural beauty here, come around April to November because the ocean conditions are calmer.

Samalona Island

Of the many islands, Samalona is one of the most ogled. In addition to presenting a charming stretch of sand, here are also many special places that make the holiday even more memorable. Snorkeling on the beach, OOTD at the pier, to greeting the residents of Samalona Island. Reportedly, this amazing destination has seven families who live here. Don’t forget to also enjoy the beauty of the sunset which is no less charming than other places. While the travel time here only takes 30 minutes. Close enough, right?

Langkai Island

Compared to the previous three islands, Langkai is quite far from the city center. However, the beauty of the island with an outer 27 hectares is no less amazing. The specialty of Langkai comes from the charm of its coral reefs that are still awake. For traveler friends who like snorkeling, this destination is perfect. What’s more, there are special fish specials that range from grouper to flying fish. Not yet satisfied? Traveler’s friends can also mingle with the natives of Langkai, most of whom work as fishermen.

Any plans for a vacation to an island in Makassar? Don’t be alone, it’s better to explore nature with friends to play with. It will definitely be fun and get an amazing experience that you won’t want to forget.

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