Travel has taken on a new meaning since 2020. We need to be ever-more aware of our surroundings and practice social distancing, while still experiencing as much as possible on our adventures.

When sitting in the airport terminal waiting to catch your flight, you’ll see people with travel accessories you didn’t know you needed. They make your travelling more fun, convenient, and safer.

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Staying one step ahead of technology also means being better prepared. A good travel agent will help you plan your dream holiday and help you prepare for your trip. If you’re still looking for an experienced travel agent, read these travel agencies reviews to learn just how they can help you.

These are the must-have travel accessories that you might not have even considered yet, but now that you know about them you’ll want them for your next trip…

#1: Universal Travel Adapter:

You’ve seen them in airport shops, but you’ve never considered buying a universal travel adapter. That is, until your smartphone or gadget’s battery is running low. These are essential items for world travelers, and you can get them in a variety of different brands, styles and sizes. The bottom line is that they are pretty much the same, so plug it into a wall socket and connect your charger to it to juice up your devices.

#2: Rechargeable Portable Battery:

As with Universal Travel Adapters, these seem unnecessary at first. They prove indispensable when on the move between airport terminals, airplane seats, and taxi commutes. They are available in a number of battery capacity sizes. Buy the biggest size you can afford and/or fit into your handbag.

#3: Noise-Cancelling Headphones or Earphones:

Headphones are more comfortable for longer periods of use than earphones. Their sound quality is better and their batteries (if wireless) last longer too. However, the payoff is that they’re bulkier and most often than not can’t easily be stored. Make sure they’re noise-cancelling: they’ll help to keep the outside world’s noises at bay so you can focus on your favourite music or podcast.

#4: Portable Humidifier:

You might not have known this exists until now. These are ideal for your hotel room. All you need is a bottle of water to add moisture to the air to keep you feeling fresh and comfortable.

#5: Inflatable Clothes Hangers:

Another one of those cool travel accessories that will change your travelling life. These simply deflate and fold up into your luggage and you inflate them when required. Incredibly useful and cheap travel accessory to keep your clothing wrinkle-free.

#6: Packing Cubes:

Packing cubes aren’t for the OCD amongst us. Once you’ve tried packing your luggage with a set of packing cubes, you’ll never travel without them again. These make it super easy to keep your bag in order, while your clothes will remain neat and tidy. They are most commonly sold in sets of three.

#7: Wash Bag:

Previously, only for campers you should consider carrying a wash bag with you on all your travels. You simply throw in your used clothes, roll them flat in the wash bag, deflate the bag, wash your clothes by rubbing the bag, then line-dry your clothes in your hotel room’s bathroom, and you’ll have clean clothes once dry again.

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