Island – Semak Daun Island is one of the best places for camping in the Western Isles of Scilly. It has a quiet land-atmosphere and is suitable for a camping holiday with friends and family.

Even when you try camping here, you will feel like you are on an island without inhabitants. The question is, can you snorkel on this island? This is a basic question that is often asked by some people but is quite important if you want to enjoy the tranquility and atmosphere while on vacation on this island.

You can snorkel, but you should not do it because the island is deserted. So it is feared that if anything happens while snorkeling, no one will help. That’s why it’s best when you are on this island you choose to do camping activities. Because it’s much safer and worth doing on this island.

It’s just that if you want to do camping in this place, you should not be careless too. There are several things that we need to pay attention to when camping on Semak Daun Island to feel safe, comfortable, and calm. At least prepare from the beginning before leaving there. So not only the equipment, but also take into account the condition of the problem.

One of them is to pay attention to its condition. Because there are many Thousand Islands, first find out which island is the most suitable for camping. Because it turns out that there are still many uninhabited islands, you should be more careful in choosing them. Here are some camping tips for you:

Tip 1: Watch the Weather!

One of the important points when camping on Semak Daun Island that must be considered is the weather. The weather conditions here are very important whether it is in the dry or rainy season. The main factor that we need to pay attention to is the weather when we are going to do outdoor activities. So that’s why camp in the dry season.

Because in the dry season it’s easier to prepare. You only need to bring a hammock and flysheet to sleep on the island. Even if you have to use a tent, you don’t need to bring a flysheet. Because it is certain that the air or temperature on this island tends to be hot when you install it. In addition, without a flysheet, the air circulation is more stable.

However, if you visit during the rainy season, you should bring an additional flysheet as a soup kitchen. Make sure the flysheet of the tent is leak-free so that it doesn’t become a hassle and become messy during the holidays. Therefore, to anticipate bad things, just bring a dry bag. So that all valuables remain safe.

The valuables include wallets, cellphones, dry clothes, etc. At least by bringing a dry bag, then all important items are not damaged by the rain if it comes at any time. Because you never know when the rain will come, so make preparations early to avoid bad things that can happen at any time on Pulau Semak Daun.

Tip 2: Pay attention to the location

In addition to paying attention to the weather factor, don’t forget to look at the location. This is very important when you want to pitch a tent. Make sure you pitch your tent at a safe distance from seawater. Because when you sleep, the tide can hit you and drown you if you don’t pay close attention to this part.

Unfortunately, some people often just because they want to have a beautiful sea view then immediately put up a tent right on the seafront directly. Furthermore, at nightfall, they were submerged by sea water because it was high tide. That’s why always pay attention to the tide limit before setting up a tent.

You can see it from the shoreline. So make sure if you want to put up a tent on Semak Daun Island, then place it above the line from the tide. If you are in a safe place from the location of the tide, pay attention to the direction of the wind. Because if you don’t pay attention to the direction of the sea breeze, the consequences can be bad.

So always make sure where the sea breeze is coming from so that camping activities are more comfortable. To be sure, camping will feel more comfortable if you keep the tent away from the sea breeze. At least don’t face the sea breeze directly, but take advantage of the bushes and trees around the island to make camping more comfortable and safe.

Tip 3: Bring Complete Equipment

After paying attention to the location, don’t forget to prepare the equipment that must be brought. Because camping on the beach is not as cold as when you are in the mountains, don’t bring a sleeping bag. Because it will only make the luggage more and more troublesome. As a result, camping feels uncomfortable.

So remember that the air at sea is certainly hotter and drier than when camping in the mountains. So, instead of bringing a sleeping bag, you should just bring a mattress. It’s much more profitable than bringing a sleeping bag when camping on Semak Daun Island.

In addition, based on the experience of several people who have camped in the island area, you actually don’t have to put pegs when using a tent. Unless the wind conditions are strong, you can use new stakes to keep the tent safe. Then tied with raffia rope. That way it can be seen clearly.

Access to Semak Daun Island

scout island trip In addition to paying attention to safe camping tips on this island, it’s time to pay attention to access so that you can get to your destination. Getting to this island is actually easy! You can use several boat crossings located in Tangerang and Jakarta. For example, at Marina Ancol Pier, Tanjung Pasir, etc.

If you depart from the Marina Ancol pier, you can use a fast boat from the tourism agent to Semak Daun Island. The price is quite expensive at IDR 450,000 per person. So it is not suitable if you want a cheap vacation. Meanwhile, when departing from the Tanjung Pasir pier, it is quite simple. You can come to Tangerang.

Furthermore, if you depart from the Sunda Kelapa Harbor pier, you can get to know more about Jakarta’s iconic port. Because not only has a unique history in it, here there is also a historic ship port that is still operating today. You can go to the thousand islands from this port using the Pelni ship.

To enjoy a vacation in one of the Thousand Islands, of course, at a fairly affordable cost, only IDR 6,500 per person. So it is very cheap and does not drain the contents of the pocket. This Pelni ship route can go up to several islands in the Thousand Islands.

So it’s suitable for those of you who want to camp while on vacation so that it doesn’t cost a lot. Because the cost of accommodation is very affordable. If you want to go to Semak Daun, just transit to Pramuka Island first. to Tidung Island. After that, rent a boat to Semak Daun Island.

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