At first glance, glass jars with violet glass do not look very different from standard glass jars, the only difference at first glance is the color. But if you do some deeper research, you will discover that violet glass has a different effect than normal glass. In this blog we will explain how it works and let you know which types of glasses are made of this.

How does it work?

Sunlight emits two types of light particles. The light particles you can see and the light particles you cannot see. The light particles that we cannot see are also called infrared and UV-A. Violet glass blocks visible light (except violet light), but allows infrared and UV-A light to pass through. Due to this division, the contents of a jar with violet glass are better protected against aging. In other words, food that is in violet glass has a longer shelf life.

Different types

Due to this great advantage, this violet glass is used for various purposes. They are not only used for food storage, but also apothecary jars are made of this type of glass. These are jars that are used by pharmacists, but also by the homeopathic industry. Medicines must of course remain good, otherwise they cause more harm than good. That is why you see that most medicines are in violet glass jars. One purpose for which this type of glass is used is cosmetics. Different remedies for your skin or hair are best stored in these jars. Finally, the violet glass jars are also often used as decoration. The dark glass goes well with the latest living trends. You can put it on the table like that, but you can also choose to put a dried flower in it.

Reuse violet glass

If you receive medication or cosmetic products in violet glass, you can throw it in a glass container, but you can of course also reuse it. Do you never buy products with violet glass? Then you can also choose to purchase these jars yourself. In principle, you can reuse cosmetic bottles wholesale forever, provided they clean you properly when a new product is added. You can use these jars and glasses for cosmetic products, but flower or spice seeds can also be stored in these jars. In short, violet glass is suitable for several purposes and has the advantage that the product stays good for longer.

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