Beautiful and beautiful beaches are one of the attractions of the island of Bali, making this island a hit and popular tourist destination in the archipelago and even in the world. Coastal natural tourism destinations are dominated by coastal areas in Badung Regency or southern Bali, however, the Karangasem regency in East Bali also offers beautiful beaches which are tourist attractions and tour destinations for tourists, so this area is now a destination and place. holidays are quite popular because, in addition to natural beach tourism destinations, there are many popular tourist objects that you can enjoy in the Karangasem area.
Hits And Popular Beaches In Karangasem – East Bali
This page contains information on tourist attractions in Karangasem Regency or the East Bali region that offers beautiful and beautiful natural scenery so that it becomes the most hits and popular tourist destination for tourists on vacation and tours to East Bali.
Virgin Beach (White Bias Beach) Karangasem

This beach tourist spot in Karangasem – East Bali is also known as Bias Putih beach, located in the village of Bugbug, the natural charm offered is very beautiful, white sand with clear water, and hidden behind the hills of the villages of Bugbug and Parisi. So it is not surprising that this white sand beach in Karangasem is the most popular and popular beach tourist attraction in Karangasem and a mandatory tour destination when you schedule a vacation and tour to the East Bali region.
Blue Lagoon Beach Karangasem

This natural beach tourism destination in Karangasem is in a bay in the Padang Bai area, the Blue Lagoon beach has white sand, the seawater is quite calm and clear, so the Blue Lagoon beach is also ideal for recreational snorkeling. This beach tourist spot in Karangasem is behind a hill, to reach it, from the car park you can see the natural charm of the Blue Lagoon beach, which has white sand, dozens of stairs are provided to get to the shoreline directly. The natural atmosphere in a calm and peaceful tourist spot in a beauty feels so romantic, so it is ideal for relaxing with friends or with your honeymoon partner.
Can Tugel Beach Karangasem

This tourist spot in Karangasem is located hidden behind a hill, even to go and witness the beauty offered, you have to climb the steps and walk along the path on the hillside until you are greeted by a quiet and peaceful white sand beach, looks beautiful and instagramable. There are not so many visitors to this beach tourist destination, so those who visit can be more flexible. The Bias Tugel beach attraction is still in the Padang Bai area – East Bali. This white sand beach tourist spot is hidden with a calm natural atmosphere, can be a tourist destination, and your tour destination when on vacation and tours to the East Bali area in the Karangasem region.
Padang Bai Beach in Karangasem

The Padang Bai area is one of the centers of tourism in the East Bali Karangasem area, in Padang Bai you can find lodging, restaurants, and various other tourist services such as car rental, tour services, recreational diving, snorkeling, and fast boat services from Bali to Bali. Gili Trawangan Lombok. This area also has a beautiful white sand beach area, a row of motorboats lined up neatly on the edge of Padang Bai beach which is the hallmark of this beach.

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