Jakarta has a wide selection of pretty diverse tourist attractions as the nation’s capital. We start from the beach, playground, and rooftop with delicious culinary tours. Of course, we cannot explore all of these tours in one day.

So what if you want to do an exciting tour with delicious culinary delights for just one day in Jakarta? This article presents a series of one-day tours in Jakarta that is beautiful and exciting.

  1.  Ancol Beach Jakarta

If you only have a one-day vacation in Jakarta, you can visit ancol beach jakarta from morning to evening. Open at 6 am until 9 pm, this place has a wide range of tour options, it is perfect for those who want to enjoy a short and exciting vacation.

Here you can play in the water at Ancol Beach, play exciting rides at Dufan Theme Park or get a closer look at sea creatures at the Sea World.

The entrance ticket offered is also quite affordable. Starting from 25,000 IDR to 225,000 IDR, you can enjoy an exciting one-day trip.

With various tours available here, you don’t have to switch to multiple tourist attractions that can take a longer time. The hotels are also available near Ancol Beach which are very diverse and comfortable. In addition, there is also a choice of clothing and gift shops.

  1. Skybar Jakarta

You can visit sky bar jakarta to get a beautiful night view and delicious cuisine in the evening. Some choices of Sky Bars in Jakarta that are pretty popular are Skye Bar and Restaurant. The location is also not far from Ancol Beach. It only takes about 30 minutes by car. M.H Thamrin Street No.1 BCA Tower 56th Floor is the exact location.

Providing a beautiful night view of Jakarta, this place is suitable as a closing for your one-day trip. Not only that, Skye Bar and Restaurant also has a variety of delicious menu choices. The entrance ticket here will cost you 150,000 IDR for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can exchange this ticket later for various food choices provided.

If you want to sit on the sofa in front of the pool, you have to book a place in advance with a minimum purchase IDR 1,200,000 IDR. You are also allowed to bring a camera.

Compared to other Sky Bars, this place is much more comfortable, and the service is very satisfying. Apart from that, there is no DJ or loud music at this Sky Bar. So you can enjoy dinner in peace and be surrounded by beautiful views of Jakarta.

So, that was a series of one-day trips in Jakarta that you can choose for your next trip. Besides playing at the park during daylight, you can also get delicious, luxurious, and comfortable culinary tours at night time. What a day!

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